Lars-Erik - The happy mathematician

About me

I am 74 years old but still I work parttime as professor at UiT The Artic University of Norway. Moreover, I am Professor Emeritus at both Luleå University of Technology and Uppsala University in Sweden. I have also for a period worked as Professor at Lund University in Sweden. I still live mostly in the beautiful town Luleå in Sweden. In 2005 I was also appointed as honorary professor at Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan. I have been supervisor for 63 students with PhD exams and additional 13 with Licentiate exams. At the moment I am supervisor for 6 PhD students in mathematics. The areas of research for my students and current positions can be found in the page PhD exams below.

I was the President of the Swedish Mathematical Society 1996-1998 and I have been ordinary member 1995-2010 (secretary during 1995-2002) of the National Committee of Mathematics equipped with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. I have also been chairman 5 years for the board at Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet). which distributes governments money for research in the mathematical sciences. Moreover, I initiated Center of Applied Mathematics at Luleå University of Technology 1995 and was its Director till 2005. During 2008-2009 I  was director of Center of  Interdisciplinar Mathematics (CIM) at Uppsala University.

If you want to know more about me and my scientific work and the awards I have received you can look at my Curriculum Vitae and my list of publications below.  See also my remarkable list of coauthors/coeditors (at the moment around 170 persons from 39 different countries!).