Additional information

Some selected additional information:

  •  I am very interested in sport and especially skiing where I in particular have participated and finished the Swedish crosscountry skiing competition “Vasaloppet” And /or Vasaloppet(open trac) (all 90 km)  at  76 different occasions during 50 years.  My best time in Vasaloppet is 4.56. I have  also fulfilled 19 marathon runnings (42 km) with the best time 2.49. There are several articles about me also concerning my skiing, see e.g. the the article in Swedish national newspaper Aftonbladet:
  • I was member for six years of the board NT-R (Mathematics and Technical Mathematics) at the Swedish Research Council which is a government agency that distributes the funding for basic research  of the highest quality in Sweden. I was chairman of this board four of these years(2010, 2012-2014). In particular, we early did the following report concerning this  (see document “granskning bidrag vetenskapsrådet.pdf” below).
  • I am also very involved to make mathematics known in the society outside the university and got a personal award for this in 2008 (Ångpanneföreningens research foundation) of 100 000 SEK. Only one scientist (all subjects) get this award each year. Examples of such external activities are:
    a) Popular mathematics lectures in schools etc. As examples see the Power Point slides (see “Related files” below) and the 56 min lecture on Swedish national television (Channel of Knowledge).
    b) Development of “A Basic Course in Applied Mathematics”  webcourse in applied mathematics mainly for Ph.D. students in other subjects than mathematics, teachers in the Swedish gymnasium and engineers in the industry. The course is partly based on the following course book: J. D. Logan, 1987. Applied Mathematics: A Contemporary Approach, John Wiley & Sons, New York, but it also contains much complementary material developed by myself.
  • I have been invited researcher to several universities. For example, in November 2015 I was invited to Collège de France by Pierre-Louis Lions to deliver a series of lectures (only one such invitation per year for researches from abroad).
  • There are also a page about me on wikipedia
  • I have so far been a supervisor of 70 students with PhD exams. Record in Nordic countries without comparison and even high up on the world scale (for example I am number 36 in the world according to Mathematics Genealogy Project,
  • The year 2018 was a dramatic year for me (then 74 years old) because
    a) I got a very serious heart attack but survived
    b) Just after this I was unexpectedly divorced from Luleå University of Technology (the university of his heart in 43 years).
    But also under these heavy conditions I, miraculously enough, with support of understanding collaborators, friends, family and several universities around the world, could continue my successful PhD education now even more with ONLY PIEM and Hotel Infinity as the main basis. In fact, in the period 2018-2022 10 PhD students finalized successfully their PhD exams with me as a responsible scientific supervisor (out of the the 70 mentioned above). Moreover. at the moment further 5 PhD students are supervised by me from four three different countries.