My life - A remarkable class travel

I was born in a small village (Svanabyn) under especially hard conditions. In particular, I could have had 8 brothers and sisters but only I survived. In my homevillage it was only six years of school and I really did not know anything about the fact that it was possible to go further. And the term “University” I had never heard during this my Svanabyn era. I plan to start to write something about my remarkable classtravel from this situation until my current situation as Professor and merits you can partly see on this homepage, which my son Zakarias Persson has helped me to create. My dream is even to finally write a book about that. In this book the two most central persons in the beginning was my fantastic supportative, clever and wise mother Dagmar and Doctor Sten Strömbom in Dorotea, who toke care of me after these first six Svanabyn era. Under these fantastic persons mentorship I got everything you can dream about. This will be my starting point of my writing you later on can follow on this channel if you are interested.