Lars-Erik Persson (LEP) has fulfilled the Swedish 90 km skicompetion Vasarun (Vasaloppet) at 48 times with the best time 4.56. He has also participated “open Vasarun” in the same 90 km track at 28 occasions so totally he has finalized this competition at 76 different occasions (so far). At eight different years he has finalized both Vasarun and two open tracks , i.e. 90 km skiing two consecutive days).This year 2023 he succeeded to finalize Vasarun/open Vasarun  for the fiftieth year, and thus as number 56 (all times of the more 100 years history of Vasarun)  be qualfied in the Vasarun “hall of fame” , consisting of these 56 people so far (around 20 are alive). He has also fulfilled 19 Marathon running competitions with the best time 2.49. On the photo below you see LEP around 20 km from Mora in Vasarun 2017. As you see he is wearing the special red number sheet in the 30000 series, which you earn when you are elected in the prestigious Vasalopp Veteran Club for skiers, who have finished Vasarun and/or open Vasarun at least 30 different years. Here are the results of all my 76 Vasalopp so far :se här->